Sunday, January 26, 2014

To Know The Joke

To Know The Joke or Inside/Outside

To defeat the cold, go cold, go without heat.
To go cold, be outside. 
Outside, it is cold. 
And find that cold is defeated, 
therefore it's no longer cold. QED?

I don't get your Facebook status
It confuses me



The joke is bad logic
that I could end the cold
with axioms
An ontological joke
But also it's cold

I have no idea what you just said...


I am so confused right now.
I feel really dumb.
I don't know what ontological means,
nor do I understand
the stopping the cold 
with axioms thing.

You're not dumb.
But I am a philosophy major
with a strange sense of humor

Your humor isn't strange
I just don't understand philosophy jokes 
at all
I avoided philosophy classes like the plague

Well the joke was a mix of popular cliches
and a parody of the ontological 
it just is

I still don't know what ontological means

Ehh, never should have said anything
the logic of the joke 
was the joke
or rather, the lack of logic was the joke

this is going to sound horrible
but you're one of the few people
who can make me feel stupid in conversations
and it's something I often enjoy
because it almost always leads 
to me
learning new things
and it's the best

Ehh, I make people 
of many intelligence levels
and a lot of that 
is on me

I like it, though
Many people think
I'm a walking encyclopedia
and treat me as such
and it's nice
that you, well,

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